Video surveillance systems give the possibility of remote visual control of all enterprise's territory; it's inside premises, surrounding space and perimeter.

Video surveillance system on industrial enterprise may be built on the basis of digital video registrar and video server on the basis of PC. Both black-and-white and colored video cameras may be used for video surveillance. The image is brought out to the visual display of guard-post.

Fusion III video registrar

Fusion III - is a new generation of digital video registrars produced by Honeywell. Distinctive feature of the third series is the possibility of recording the image from IP-cameras and network video servers. Fusion III combineshigh-reliability, modern technologies and wide functional possibilities. Among the offered are video recording models on 8, 16, and 32 channels and audio recording models up to 16 channels. Fusion III allows simultaneously fulfilling the following operations with video and audio signals: record, transmission of current signal on the network, record reproduction, record fragments searches, archiving. Capacity of Built in disc memory varies from 250 GB to 2TB, external disc memory capacity - up to 40TB.

Digital video registrars Fusion III are applied on objects where multichannel digital record of the video image and audio signals in real scale with high speed and quality is required. They allow keeping 400 shots in a second recording speed and up to 720x576 image resolution.

Fusion III represents the modern hardware-software decision from Honeywell, capable to effectively solve a wide spectrum of problems. Video registrars are produced in the USA and are provided with quality assurance and technical support.



Main features:

  • Image recording from analogue and IP-cameras with the speed of 400 shots/sec (PAL) and resolution up to 720x576.
  • 8, 16 or 32 transparent video inputs for analogue cameras.
  • Recording from 4 to 16 audio information channels
  • Support of Various IP-cameras types and network video servers of different firms-manufacturers.
  • Output on the computer monitor with multi-screen display in real time scale.
  • Four outputs to analogue monitors with full-screen or multi-screen display (option).
  • Built in disc memory from 250 GB up to 2 TB (including RAID1 and RAID5 configurations).
  • External disc memory from 1 to 40 TB
  • Built in programmed relay outputs for external equipment management

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