Adoption of the automated control system and protection in all areas of industry and our everyday life made indispensable creation of an organization, that will be professionally engaged in this sphere. "Omega" company, created in 1999  became the first  Azerbaijan company in this area. Workers with large experience in the sphere of theory and technics, operate in a company, main and basic purpose of which is protecting interests of the Customers and organization of high quality services. Our company managed to gain trust of the Customers in a short time. The second basic purpose of the company was establishment of business relations with main companies-manufacturers in this sphere, and we achieved our goal. With the purpose of geting education and for our engineers to hold practise abroad, we created and implemented a broad program. Today each engineer has a certificate, received from a foreign company.

We offer our customers key solutions for the construction of industrial facilities and civil engineering, integration of security systems and information and communication technologies, electricity and water supply, microclimate control and building management systems, as well as industrial automation to create a safe, comfortable and efficient environment.
We believe that using quality and reliable innovative technologies and the best engineering solutions for our customers, they will achieve the best performance in their work and life due to the safe, comfortable and efficient environment we create.
• Excellence: We constantly improve the quality of our services and the skills of our employees, providing them with professional-oriented training that will enhance their professional skills, knowledge and experience. • Upgrade: We offer innovative engineering solutions based on the latest changes and technologies.

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