The Identifier is a key which serves for determination of the rights of the owner. It may be non-invasive card or keychain. A code enrolled on the keyboard or a line of biometrical personal signs - finger-print, retina or iris image, may also be used as identifier.

The controller is the main part of the system. The controller makes the decision if to pass or not to pass a person to the current door. Controller retains in memory the codes of identifiers with the list of the rights of each of them.


CSAS for moderate objects
CSAS for medium level
NStar controller
N-1000 series controller
NetAXS controller
Win-Pak PE/SE software 


For monitoring system control construction and access control on moderate and medium objects "Omega" company suggests Nstar controllers produced by Honeywell. They represent an economic solution for systems counting from 2 to several tens of readers.

Nstar's distinctive feature is that the standard delivery set includes software, allowing the realization of its monitoring, administration and programming. Consequently, for receiving functionally complete base level system it is necessary to supplement the controller with accumulator and locks only. Nstar controllers easily integrate into Honeywell complex security systems, which include digital television surveillance systems, security and fire alarm systems.


  • Nstar software is included into base set, which reduces the price of functionally complete system.
  • 2 ports for reader and/or keyboards (Viganda interface).
  • NS2 Base memory on 2000 user cards and 10000 events.
  • Up to 10000 cards and 100000 events memory expansion. (via NS2MEM module).
  • NS2+ base memory on 10000 cards and 100000 events.
  •  8 loop inputs with programmable scheme.
  • 4 NZK and NRK relays: 12 A at 23 Volt of constant current (noninductive load) or 6 A at 28 volt of constant current (inductive load).
  • Output for reader's and other external devices power supply 12 volt of constant current, 600 milliampere.
  • Built in RS-232 port for connection with the computer.
  • Possibility of individual working regime assignment for pre-holiday days.
  • Control of repeated pass in different regimes: "soft", "hard". Global control of repeated pass.
  • Direct connection to computer network with TCP/IP protocol.
  • Built in RS-485 interface for network integration
  • Demountable terminal-block socket provide comfortable connection.



Omega Company offers Honeywell control and access systems for medium level, which combine broad functional facilities, easy programming and installations. Win-Pak SE software represents an evolution of Win-Pak 2005, successfully used on numerous objects worldwide. The new version possesses the ability of integration of Galaxy fire-security alarm systems, Fusion video surveillance systems, Lobby Works visitor registration systems.

N-1000 controllers are destined for the organization of system with connection of two (model N-1000-III) or four (N-1000-IV) readers.

NetAXS series IP controller gives users an opportunity to fulfill system monitoring, administration and programming, using Web interface or standard WIN-PAK software. NetAXS series controller can be used for system expansion or substitution on N-1000 controllers' base, not requiring essential changes in current programming and connection.

N-1000 series controllers

More than 100000 N-1000 series controllers are established and utilized worldwide. N-1000 controllers successfully operate in largest banks, at numerous industrial, oil-producing and oil-processing enterprises. 



HN-1000-IV controller represented by Honeywell constitutes a management device for control systems and access control network systems building, security-alarming signaling, work time counting and life support engineering systems control security in different enterprises.

N-1000-IV controller is remarkable for powerful processor, works with 4 readers, takes stock of 25000 users, and allows setting up security-alarming signaling admissions for controllable sockets with 3 conditions. Presence of built in KI-485 interface simplifies the connection of controllers to the network and provides high speed and antijamming data communications.N-1000- IV controller supportsmagnetic cards readers, Vejgand cards, proximity, bar code, biometrical readers, matrix code dialing devices and other.

It is possible to use the reader together with code dialing keyboard. The controller operates actuation mechanisms: electro locks, turnstiles, automatic doors, turnpikes, collars, lifts. All information about users, their access rights, time zones and other parameters is stored in internal memory of the controller that allows the controller to work in an independent mode.WIN-PAK software operating in OC Windows is used for system programming, real time management and events displaying on computer screen

                                                Functionality of N-1000- IV

Quantity of supported readers/keyboards

4/2 or 0/4

Maximum number of people, users

5 000 (25 000*)

Memory, events buffer volume

10 200 (6 600*)

Quantity of relay inputs

4 (24*)

Quantity of time zones


Quantity of alarm inputs

16 (normally closed/ open-end contacts)

Memory, days power supply reserves


System expansion via RS-485 interface

Up to 31 controllers (124readers, 496 alarm entrances) on each consistent port

System expanding via "20 milliamper current loop"

Up to 63 controllers (252 readers, 1008 alarm inputs) on each consistent port


Honeywell NetAXS controller gives users the opportunity to fulfill system monitoring, administration and system programming, using Web interface or standard WIN-PAK software. Such hybrid decision allows to use the controller with all standard interface types and easily integrate control system and access control to enterprise's IT infrastructure.


The Web server built in the controller allows users to receive secure access to information using any Web review program. At the same time several users may simultaneously work with NetAXS on network. It is not necessary to use separate computer and acquire software for creating small configurations, counting up to several tens of readers. Further during system expansion it is easy to proceed from Web interface to WIN-PAK.

NetAXS has built in Ethernet port and Linux Web-server with support of SSL data encryption protocol (Secure Socket Layer), used in bank systems. Together with network security system against DoS (Denial of Service) type attacks and open ports attacks, controller provides the highest security level during computer work in the network, including the Internet. NetAXS is a development of the conception of N-1000 controllers, installed on multiple objects in Russia and worldwide. NetAXS can be used for expanding or replacement of the system on the base of N-1000 series controllers, not requiring essential changes in present programming and connection.




  • Controller on 4 readers, expansion up to 124 readers (in one network)
  • Base memory on 10000 cards;
  • Base memory on 25000 events;
  • 8 built in relays (НЗК/НРК, current up to 12 А at 28 volt of constant current), expansion up to 64 relays on each controller
  • 14 universal built in signaling loops; expansion up to 64 on each controller
  • Built in Web-server on the base of  Linux
  • Various PC working regimes: through the Web viewer (Internet Explorer/Netscape/Mozilla Firefox); through WIN-PAK software and Web viewer
  • Full control through PC
  • Events monitoring through Web-interface
  • Doors, signaling loops and relays outputs manual control
  • Various built in interfaces : RS-232, RS-485 and Ethernet
  • Built in interface converter for RS-485 network integration (N-485-PCI-2 converter is not required)
  • Backward compatibility with N-1000 series controllers
  • 12 volt Power backup battery


NetAXS possesses built in Web-server which provides system monitoring, programming and management with the help of any Web viewer program.

Web-interface facilities:

  • Remote monitoring of disturbing and official event
  • Reports creation
  • Readers, locks and other devices management
  • Simultaneous connection of several network working places
  • Special functions: rule of two or more persons; special director card; escorted visitor pass; restriction of pass quantity by card
  • Global time zones
  • Automatic  controller time synchronization due to time server


Win-Pak PE/SE software

  • img src="uploads/clip_image008.jpg" alt="" hspace="10" vspace="10" width="200" height="150" align="right" /> Monitoring and Honeywell access control systems management: NS2+ (NStar), N-1000, PRO-2200 и PW-5000
  • Systems integration:
    • Galaxy Fire and security alarm
    • Fusion video surveillance
    • LobbyWorks visitors registering
  • Scalable solutions:
    • Control of up to 31 500 doors,
    • Unlimited number of cards,
    • A lot of work places,
    • Geographically distributed system
  • Realization in a form of a set of Windows services - high stability and reliability not depending on operator's actions.


Win-Pak SE/PE is the newest version of Win-Pak software by Honeywell .Combining control access subsystems, digital television surveillance and fire and security alarms in a unified complex security system, Win-Pak SE/PE represents the widest opportunities on devices management, events monitoring and response.

Integration of systems earlier realized via relays and loops now can be totally accomplished on logical level. It has become possible to fulfill full-scale system management, including one or enormous number of objects. You will be able to utterly control, realize system monitoring and programming from any network work place.

The main distinctive feature of the software is that Win-Pak SE/PE is realized in a set of Windows services working in background mode and providing high stability of the system not depending on operator's actions. Broad system opportunities allow to organize geographically distributed system with a big number of operators working places. Controllers and other equipment are connected directly to computer network or to different computers in the network.

Win-Pak SE/PE works in Windows Vista Business, Windows XP Professional SP2, and Windows 2003 Serve operational systems. Microsoft SQL Server database management system 2000/2005 provides high system scalability and filing security, integration to existing enterprises IT-infrastructure, possibility of creation of fault-tolerant system (clusters), and integration with Windows services.

           Win-Pak SE/PE - unified complex security system platform


Win-Pak SE/PE provides full integration with Honeywell Fusion digital video registrars. Integration allows using television surveillance system for recording and viewing of events video (signaling loops damages, card presentation and etc.) in control access system. Events from Win-Pak SE/PE protocol get connected to video fragments for possibility of visual control of happening or happened events. Display of up to 16 cameras in Win-Pak window is provided.

Integration with control panels of Honeywell Galaxy fire and security alarm allows Win-Pak SE/PE to:

  • Maintain several Galaxy panels monitoring, using graphic plans and tree-type control areas;
  • Control the arrangement/removal of Galaxy sections from guardingу;
  • Exclude/restore individual loops on guarding

With the help of virtual keyboard the operator is able to control Galaxy panel from Win-Pak window.

Integration of Win-Pak SE/PE with Honeywell Lobby Works visitor registration electronic system allows appointing visitor access level according to company's worker location on object.

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