Electromechanical turnstiles are meant for people groups control and access control on enterprises and organizations pass sections, in administrative foundations, on stadium entrances and exits, entertainment centers, leisure parks and etc.

"Omega" company offers turnstiles of four main types: compact tripod-turnstiles in a form of stands, bedside-table style tripod-turnstiles, and rotary half type-high and rotary full type-high turnstiles.

Due to its compactness, smart design and high passing ability PERCo-TTR-04 series tripod-turnstiles present a universal solution for access control in administrative enterprises, offices, business centers, banks and entertainment centers.

PERCo-TTD-03 series bedside-table style tripod-turnstiles are meant for separation of groups of people one by one at the objects with high requirements to access control - on passes of enterprises and organizations, in banks, shops, transport terminals and other. High passing ability allows it's using in the conditions of large people groups passing necessity.



Turnpike manages the movement and restricts the access of motor transport to personal, social and manufacturing territories.

"Omega" company offers turnpikes of one of the leading producers - : ELKA (Germany)

Modern turnpikes represent an automatic device, which is remotely controlled. 
Mechanism of automatic turnpike may be hydraulic or electromechanical. 
Turnpike consists of electric motor, reducer, balancing spring and arrow. 
Turnpike arrow makes from 2 to 12 m depending on the offered model.

Turnpikes are irreplaceable on supermarket and office centers parking lots, garage complexes, turnpikes and railroad crossings.

ELKA turnpikes

Industrial automatic ELKA turnpikes are meant for intensive usage on the roads, parking lots, parking and other. All of them are easy to install; can mount as in right-side so in left-side version of arrow orientation. Current turnpikes may be operated in all climatic zones of Russia: from the extreme north to southern regions.

Typical features:

  • 100% loading intensity (possibility of uninterrupted turnpike work)
  • Possibility of exploiting in hard climatic conditions  from - 40°C to +70°C (bundling for extreme north districts)
  • Opening time from 9 to 8.5 seconds (depending on turnpike model)
  • Various arrow types from 2.5 m to 8 - pipe or rectangular profile 
  • Wide choice of devices of active and passive security: reflecting stickers, antistrike arrow rubber, warning flashing lamp, inductive stitch, security photo-cells, traffic lights etc.
  • Manual breakdown unblocking device
  • Smooth arrow Snub in final movement stage
  • Protection from corrosion (all mechanic parts are zinced and chromium-plating)
  • Any colors painting at will of customer (typical colors: blue RAL 5012 white RAL 9010)
  • Arrow timbering: from the right or from the left (for  ES 25, ES 25HS,  ES 30  and  ES 40), over the center (for  ES 50, ES 60  and  ES 80)
  • 2 inputs for hinge detector
  • Built in 220V electro socket for external consumers connection 
  • Bipolar circuit brake

Additional accessories: portable control panels, arrow bearings, folding arrows and arrows with extra embrasure, traffic lights, stands for management devices assembling and chargeable parking equipment, radio channel management devices and etc.

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