ENRAF measurement systems

Solve the missions on storage plants administration:

  • Reserve resources stock-taking;
  • Operated swap;
  • Leakage fight and material balance.

ENRAF systems provide operative data access, including:

  • Exact facts on liquid level;
  • Product scope;
  • Product mass;
  • Product temperature and density profiles;
  • Alarm signaling and warning alarms

Access to all measured and calculated facts/parameters for higher level (such as DCS, SCADA) stock and management systems is provided using various communication protocols.

ENRAF ATG and XTG servo level meters serve as microprocessor-based product level measuring devices in reservoir and provide high measuring accuracy of refined oil and liquefied gas level.

ENRAF servo level meters are certified on adaptation in highly explosive zones and are equipped with unique lightning guard protection for exclusion of damage from bolts.

Measurement range: 0 - 27000 мм, 0 - 37000 mm;

Measurement accuracy: level ± 1 mm;

Casing material: cast aluminium and stainless steel (according to AISI316);

Working pressure: up to 605 kPa, up to 4000 kPa;

With use of metering chamber: inches flange or DN150

Intellectual radar 970ATi

ENRAF Intellectual radio-locating level meters are all-digital microprocessor-based product level in reservoir measuring devices. Planar aerial technology (PAT) and digital signal processing (DSP) provide high accuracy of measurement. Intellectual radar level meters are certified on adaptation in highly explosive zones and are equipped with unique lightning guard protection for exclusion of damage from bolts

Measurement range: up to 40000 mm;

Instrument accuracy by level: ± 1 mm;

Casing material: cast aluminium and stainless steel (according to AISI316);

Working pressure: up to 690 kPa, up to 4000 kPa;

Temperature measurement systems

Innovative usage of thermosensitive elements together with high class master transducer contributes to realization of extremely accurate temperature measurements. Temperature measurements allow determining average temperature with 0,1оС error.

Multizone VITO thermometers are equipped with necessary certificates and meet Russian and international safety regulations for utilizing in danger zones.

ENRAF temperature measuring systems allow obtaining exact product average temperature values in reservoirs. Using (VITO) multiple-unit thermometer allows determining: product exact average temperature, air-steam mixture exact average temperature, temperature profiles.

Using the device in combination with intellectual radar level meter, servo level meter or as a component part of hydrostatic measurement systems allows obtaining exact information in real time, including the following: level of liquid product, commodity water/product partition level, volume, mass, signalization.

Using different communication protocols it is possible to transmit all measured/calculated data to centralized higher level control systems (DCS, SCADA, MIS etc.).

Hybrid stock reservoirs management system (HIMS) has best reference and is based on usage of exact hydrostatic pressure sensors together with level meters, offering such advantages as hydrostatic reservoir stock gauging (HTG), as well as systems based on level measurement by means of level meters.

 The following is used for reservoir resources measurement:

  • Industrial standard Communication protocols (HART, RS485, Modbus);
  • Exact and reliable pressure measurement method

HIMS system provides:

  • Firm date-line;
  • Possibility of introduction of amendments on temperature and regular errors of sensors;
  • High steadiness of equipment and armature to influence of storable liquid product (due to the use of corrosion-resistant material)
  • Enraf system's compatibility with various types of hydrostatic pressure sensors;
  • HIMS System is produced in modular execution and may be connected to earlier established servo level meters and to intellectual radar level meters without necessity of system's full reorganization;
  • Reservoirs overflow signalization.

HIMS system references:

HIMS ENRAF System gives the full information on reservoir stocks with extreme data accuracy in real time on following parameters:

  • mass (not more than ±0.5%);
  • Level (±1 mm);
  • Commodity water level or partition level;
  • Average density on controlled temperature (not more than ±0.5%)
  • Average product temperature (±0.1OC);
  • Common controlled object;
  • Common standard volume;
  • Average density at standard temperature.

Entis Pro and Entis XS software

High-efficiency universal Entis Pro reservoir resources management programs are intended for the enterprises with big tank farms (tens or hundreds of tanks); Entis XS is focused on average and small tank farms. Entis Pro and Entis XS serve a wide range of ENRAF field instrumentations, including:

  • Servo-motor level meters;
  • Radar level meters;
  • Mechanical measurements data reformers;
  • Hybrid stock reservoirs management system (HIMS);
  • Thermoelements for point and average temperature measures;
  • Modules of analogue signals input (for integrated transfer of analogue signals);
  • coupling field device of interface (for remote control of valves and pumps)

Entis Pro and Entis XS accept the data from field devices, calculate, and normalize the measured data and presents facts on reservoir stocks in a user-friendly format. The format can be defined by the user in the process of system adjustment according to concrete requirements. Systems scan up to 100 tanks less than for 10 seconds in real time and present general information on tank farm condition, reservoir groups, common storable products volume, detailed research of separate reservoirs in matrix format, as a bar chart or a graphical form.

  • Systems are developed for IBM-compatible computers;
  • Required operational system Windows 2000 or Windows XP;
  • Multiuser regime for several working stations in the network;
  • Hot stations sparing;
  • Possibility of uninterrupted power supply utilizing;
  • Data transmission from field devices through the two-wire field tire;
  • Calculations accurate within 9 signs after a comma, 11 significant digits;
  • Resolution on level = 0, 1 mm, temperature = 0,10C, volume = 1 litre;
  • Possibility of scanning up to 100 reservoirs less than for 10 seconds;
  • Alarm signaling and warning alarms

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