Purposes of creation of ACS TP Experion PKS on the base of C300 controllers are:

  • Modernization of present  ACS TP or creation of the new ones;
  • increasing the efficiency of technological processes control;
  • guaranteeing the regularity of technological processes;
  • localization of breakdown sections and equipment damages;
  • increase of operational characteristics and reliability of technological equipment functioning;
  • increase of the security of technological process functioning;
  • increase of control and protection operations automation level due to modern microprocessor-based controllers and software usage for information gathering;
  • chemical and petrochemical products loss enhancement due to their stock-taking on reception, storage and shipment stages;
  • automatic administration and anti-damage protection system;
  • generalized object functioning parameters receiving;
  • technological process functioning optimization;
  • Increase of service personnel functioning effectiveness.

Broad scalability, attainable by special distributed system architecture usage, where several separate Experion PKS systems operate as a unified complex, supplies direct access from any working station to any controller and to historic data of any system. Due to that fact Experion PKS system may be used both for separate technological process administration and for whole production automation in complex. Integration of all various system data methods in unified database, which allows disposable information input from any tool and its multiple utilization by different users. Immediate information access, developed by the system via Internet/Intranet, as long as all high level program facilities building is based on company registered HMIWeb technology, realizing man-machine interface (HMI) with data formatting (its hypertext marking) on XML language. Economic functioning of the networks due to adopted signaling method from any low level facilities (sensors and controllers): signals are transmitted only as a result of value changing .This fundamentally reduces network load and increases system response speed. Overall system openness, which is provided by industrial OPC interface usage (OPC-client and OPS-server); standard connection with relational SUBD -SQL language and ODBC driver, all standard program interfaces and Microsoft programs assemblage standards, including COM/DCOM, OLE, ActiveX; usage of the most common, standard, informational, industrial and field networks in system structure; presence of drivers to hardware of world automation production manufacturers. Inheritance of preceding Honeywell system automation line and realization of direct connection and integration with existing on enterprises systems, complexes and controllers by Honeywell.

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