Modern control system establishment:

  • On base of Enraf company's Contrec 1010 autoload processes control system
  • On base of C300 controllers and Honeywell company's Experion PKS software

ACS Filling Terminals Creation purposes are:

  • Increase of processes control efficiency;
  • guaranteeing the regularity of technological processes;
  • localization of breakdown sections and equipment damages;
  • increase of operational characteristics and reliability of filling equipment functioning;
  • increase of process functioning security;
  • chemical and petrochemical products loss enhancement due to increase of accuracy of their stock-taking on reception, storage and shipment stages;
  • generalized object functioning parameters receiving;
  • service personnel functioning effectiveness increase

Automation system is assigned for performing prescribed functions in automatic control mode under operator's supervision.

Automation object includes the following technological sections:

  • Storage plant;
  • Pumphouse;
  • Drain platforms for Railway cistern and tank-truck reception;
  • Mooring line.

Technological operations subject to automation:

  • Cargo receipt;
  • Cargo discharge ;
  • Cargo storage;
  • Route forming;
  • Anti damage automatic defence;
  • Complex equipment control system


  • automatic fire fighting system

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